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Avane Vegan Day!

Global warming of the earth, change of the whole world. People don't think about it, the destruction of human beings has caused the earth to issue a great protest. With the rise of environmental awareness, people continue to think and put forward ideas and practical ways to save the earth. Reducing carbon emissions is definitely the first step that needs to be considered carefully. In 2006, a report issued by the United Nations pointed out that livestock accounted for an important proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. Many international media and organizations rushed to present relevant evidence to prove the authenticity of this concept. And the concept of "be vegetarian to save the planet", does the relationship between meat eating and greenhouse gas emissions, and global warming really exist?

Bo vegetarian to save the planet?

According to a study by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, an American who eats 2,300 calories of food can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% a year if he switches to vegetarian food. More and more people in the world are promoting vegetarianism to save the planet. Can vegetarianism save the planet together? The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) concluded in 2018 that adopting a plant-based diet can reduce the impact on the planet 42% to 84%. Other studies have found that vegan diets use five times less water than meat-based diets. If everyone stopped eating beef and went vegan, global land use would drop by 75%, according to researchers at the University of Oxford. Adopting a vegan diet is "the biggest way to reduce your impact on the planet."

Avane Vegan Day, protect the earth with you

Avane came up with the One Step Project in 2018, and started to develop environmentally friendly and degradable electronic products. In 2019, we released the first environmentally friendly charging cable made of recycled TPE and PET. After that, we will continue to carry out many environmentally friendly products, such as recycling Plastic bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, power banks..., Avane Vegan Day just hopes that through the bi-weekly vegan day of colleagues, through vegetarianism, colleagues can experience it more personally and become a member of reducing carbon emissions. And do not use disposable tableware, and through small actions, more colleagues can be inspired to think and become members of the earth's environmental protection together. Avane Vegan Day will last forever~~.

Join us to protect our planet Mob:86-15112388372

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