Pill Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless in-ear earphone with Realtek chipset,6 hours playing music time.

-Standby time: 150hours

-Battery Capacity: 550mAh (Charging dock)

-Battery Capacity: 45mAh (Earbud)

-Ergonomics: More fit to ear

-Three-point support: Wear more secure

-Side rear fit: No discomfort throughout the day

-Bluetooth version: Realtelk 5.0

Pill TWS Bluetooth earphone

  • Specification;


    ●Size: 24x24x17MM(earbuds)

    ●Size:85x39x39MM Charge case)

    ●Impedance : 32OM

    ●Material: ABS+Metal

    ●Playing time: 5-7hrs

    ●Charging time:1-1.5hrs

    ●Battery Capacity:45mAh (Earbuds)

    ●Battery Capacity: 550mAh (Charging case)

    ●6D stereo HiFi sounds

    ●Latest bluetooth 5.0 low-power technology