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Why Avane use recycled raw material to make electronics?

Plastic accounts for 60-90% of marine waste. What steps can we reduce the plastic waste generated during our life?

Marine waste is a general expression that includes floating waste that is washed up on the coast or floating in the ocean, and undersea waste that sinks to the sea. Marine waste includes not only tools used at sea, such as fishing lines and fishing nets, but also many other items that we use in our daily lives, such as plastic bottles and plastic bags. Do you know that 80% of the ocean waste comes from the city where we live? Every year, up to 11 million tons of plastic waste is washed into the sea and cannot be completely decomposed into our oceans. As a result, 60-90% of marine waste contains various forms of plastic

How to reduce the plastic pollution in our life?

Reduce the plastic pollution in our own life.

As we usually call plastic, there are many different types of materials. Synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon, for example, are a plastic made from oil. PET plastic bottles are probably the most representative examples of marine waste. However, if we can carefully sort these bottles and recycle them, we can dress with them. We can even reduce the total amount of plastic waste by using waste plastic instead of new plastic.

We use recycled plastic to make electronics such as recycled ABS made bluetooth speaker/ Wireless charger/ Power bank/earphone...

We use recycled opp polybag to package the products, and use FSC verified kraft bag for our products packaging box.

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