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New Launched TWS earphone from China factory

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

TWS earphone support ANC function with LED screen, support OEM & ODM.

6 hrs playing music time,15 meters wireless connect distance.

surface with rubber oil support customized logo for OEM brand, and sell online.

How to choice earphone?

Check the chipset, and what kinds of battery built-in, how long does it playing?

what kinds of driver using. for different country, the sounds request is different,some countries like deep bass.

Specification configuration

01. Chip

The original 1626 professional-level game low-latency mode, with as low as 65ms, almost no-inductive delay experience, equipped with smart Bluetooth v5.0 chip, perfect synchronization.

02. Horn

Upgraded 10mm moving coil loudspeaker unit, with carefully selected three-layer composite diaphragm that is rigid, light and thin, creating a rich and spatial listening experience, and the majestic momentum is calm and self-explanatory.

03. Decoding

Built-in support for AAC advanced audio decoding method, enjoy the professional-grade music listening with deep bass, clear intermediate frequency level, and loud treble.

04. Operation

Anti-touch smart keys, easy to operate, abandon the complexity, lightly press, various headset operation instructions, right at your fingertips.

05. Technology

V5.0 master-slave switching dual-mode technology-both sides are master earphones, single and dual-ear mode has no sense of switching experience.

06. Sound quality

10mm customized professional dynamic speaker unit, three-frequency balanced tuning, especially in terms of bass presentation, as far as possible to avoid in-ear unsealed sound quality defects.

07. Battery life

The headset can listen to songs for 5 hours at a single full charge, and the charging compartment can be used for a total of 25 hours, which is as powerful as always.

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